MRX34, a miRNA-based therapy , reduces tumor burden and extends survival in mice. Clinical testing is expected to begin in 1Q 2013.

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Tumor suppressor microRNAs kill cancer cells by regaining control over multiple oncogenic pathways which represents a new paradigm in cancer therapy.

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About Mirna Therapeutics

Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. (Mirna) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on microRNA-directed oncology therapies. Mirna’s pipeline has broad therapeutic utility in solid and hematologic cancers, and provides opportunities for partnering and licensing. Mirna filed its first IND in Q1 2013 for its lead candidate, MRX34, and is currently conducting a Phase I Clinical Trial in patients with unresectable primary liver cancer or metastatic cancer with liver involvement. Based on the advanced stage of Mirna’s miRNA technology, pipeline breadth and IP estate, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the emerging field of miRNA therapeutics and to have a positive impact on the future of cancer patient care.

About microRNA

microRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNA molecules that occur naturally in human cells. Misregulation of these critical cellular components is a frequent event in the development of genetically manifested human disease. Mirna Therapeutics is developing treatments that have the promise of being effective in humans by restoring normal miRNA function. Read more >

About miRNA Replacement Therapy

miRNA Replacement Therapy is a new approach to treat human disease. It involves the re-introduction of a synthetic version of a miRNA that is depleted in the diseased tissue. Since the synthetic and the natural miRNA are virtually indistinguishable, miRNA-based therapeutics have the potential of not exhibiting non-specific side effects. The synthetic miRNA counteracts disease-dependent processes and induces a therapeutic response. Read more >

Mirna Therapeutics Announces Interim Phase 1 Safety Data on Lead Product Candidate MRX34 at AACR Annual Meeting

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Mirna Therapeutics Appoints Casi DeYoung as Chief Business Office

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Mirna Therapeutics Announces Scientific Publication that Suggests Enhanced Potency of Lead Therapeutic MicroRNA in Combination with FDA Approved Lung Cancer Drug

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